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Food Combining

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ISBN: [B-131-4]
Price: $7.95

Experts Agree...Proper Food Combining Allows Quick Absorption of Nutrients Leading to Better Health

Save time and stay on track with our Food Combining quick reference chart! Remind yourself of the rules of food combining. Always know what combinations are good and bad. Get a two-day meal plan, including delicious raw/vegan food combining recipes that will become your instant favourites. Our guide is ideal for use in your kitchen since it's spill-proof and includes a convenient shopping list that you can write on with dry-erase marker.

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  • Format: 2 panels, 4 pages
  • Size when folded: 8.5" x 11"
  • Size when open: 11" x 17" flat
  • Multi-panel charts are folded using our exclusive Clearkote™ Lay-Flat Hinge
  • Laminated both sides with a sealed edge to ensure product is waterproof and tear proof
  • Our Guarantee - Limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating

About the Author: R. Kubica. The information contained in this chart is approved by the Hippocrates Health Institute and its director, Brian Clement.



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